The impact of target costing on the competitiveness and financial security of enterprises


target costing
lean management
lean accounting
cost management


The main goal of companies operating on the market is the desire to achieve success. The feelings and criteria for assessing the company's success are varied. For employees, success means a high level of remuneration, additional non-wage benefits, job security and a good atmosphere at the workplace. Management measures success with financial results, product quality, market share, customer satisfaction, innovation, production efficiency, manufacturing costs, and the company's image.

In the literature on the subject, the basic measure of the company's success is achieving a competitive advantage, gaining a relatively large market share, which will ensure financial security allowing for further development.

Financial security depends largely on the extent to which management knowledge is known and understood, what are the financial skills and behavior of the management staff, the use of which contributes to the effective management of the company's resources.

In the current economic reality, gaining a competitive advantage by an enterprise is a difficult and complicated process. The determinants of competitiveness and financial stability are not only the products and services offered by economic entities, but the unique and specific knowledge in the enterprise. This fact caused the search and implementation of modern methods and concepts known as the lean approach.

The lean approach in the field of management is currently the dominant approach in Polish literature. Among the many publications in this area, we can mention, inter alia, the studies by Ohl, Sobańska, Wawer, Obłója et al. , Świderska and Raulinajtys, Michalak, Krajewska and Stronczek, Szczerbak.

The aim of the article is to show the impact of target costing - a lean management tool on the competitiveness and financial security of enterprises. To achieve this goal, the method of analyzing the literature on the subject was used.
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