New evacuation sign "NO ENTRY"


evacuation signs
safety culture
dynamic evacuation lighting
safety in buildings


This study addresses concerns about the effectiveness of conventional evacuation signs in directing occupants during emergencies, particularly in situations involving obstacles like smoke, flames, or high temperatures. The research explores innovative solutions to enhance safety during evacuations, focusing on two main approaches: the Active Dynamic Signage System (ADSS) and the dynamic evacuation control system. The study introduces the concept of 23 different pictograms utilizing LED technology, with the "no-entry" sign receiving the highest rating during evaluations.

The research emphasizes the importance of dynamic evacuation control systems, suggesting the integration of signs forbidding entry into hazardous spaces. The study concludes that efficient evacuation is crucial for safety culture, necessitating a discussion on the introduction of a new pictogram – the NO ENTRY sign – into the evacuation sign catalog. The authors advocate for the adoption of a dynamic evacuation lighting system and offer an open license for the proposed pictograms to encourage broad discourse.
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