The role of FAS in the context of raising building safety standards


fire protection
safety standards
fire alarm system


The paper presents the role of fire alarm systems in buildings and proposes a framework for an application supporting the operation and maintenance of fire alarm systems (FAS). FAS should be properly maintained from the first day of commissioning. The state of readiness during operation should be maintained at the initial level. However, during the working time, the properties of the systems deteriorate, which is related to factors such as: failures, human activity, hidden defects, faulty assembly or external factors. FAS malfunction is a potential threat to the safety of people, property and the environment. The implication of the solution will reduce risk and improve fire protection activities in buildings. The proposed plan to maintain the efficiency of FAS will also allow for the standardization of procedures and the increase in the overall safety of property, health and life, as well as the natural environment.
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