Analysis and assessment of the reliability of the operation process of a complex, diagnosed technical facility in 5-value logic


artificial intelligence
knowledge bases
technical diagnostics


What the article talks about are the difficulties of figuring out how reliable the workings of  a complicated technological object are, especially when using a five-valued logic-based diagnostic method. The foundation for conducting dependability studies on technological objects is the utilization of prepared models that depict operational processes. The present study aims to build and provide a comprehensive description of a five-state model that characterizes the operational process of the diagnosed facility. The operational states that hold significance are the states of the object being tested, as diagnosed within the framework of 5VL-value logic. The model of the exploitation process that was constructed was further validated using simulated experiments. The outcomes of these comparative tests yield the calculated probabilities of the tested thing existing in its distinct conditions. The estimated time frames of occurrence of the recognized states in the object were determined based on the probability of occurrence of the diagnostic states, which were derived from the reliability features of the tested object.
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