Scientific council

The Chairman of the Scientific Council

Artur Rusowicz - Warsaw University of Technology (Poland),

Members of the Scientific Council

  • Nicola Ahati - Politecnico di Torino (Italy),
  • Daniel Ambrosini - National University of Cuyo (Argentina),
  • Chiara Bedon - University of Trieste (Italy),
  • Amine Bendarma - International University of Agadir (Marocco),
  • Annamaria Buonomano - Unviersity of Naples Federico II, (Italy)
  • Luca Castellazzi - Politecnico di Torino (Italy),
  • Valery Dzerkach - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Stanislav Derechennik -Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Lucia Figuli - University of Zilina (Slovakia),
  • Jyotishman Ghosh  - Politecnico di Torino (Italy),
  •  Joaquim Giraldello Detoni - Politecnico di Torino (Italy),
  • Walery Jezierski - Tambov State Technical University (Russia),
  • Marek Kozikowski - Halliburton, Houston (USA),
  • Alena Kisel - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Alexander Kravcov - MIExpE CTU in Prague (Czech Republic),
  •  Baubekov Кuat Talgatovich - Technical University, Astana, (Kazakhstan)
  • Rafael Larrua Quevedo - University of Camagüey (Cuba),
  • Eric Makiewicz - Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France (France),
  • Sergii Mykytenko - Poltava National Technical Yuriy Kondratyuk University (Ukraine)
  • Paweł Monastyrew - Tambov State Technical University (Russia),
  • Piotr D. Moncarz - Stanford Engineering (USA),
  • Mikhail Nikitenko - Bellarusia National Technical University (Belarus),
  • Andrzej S. Nowak - Auburn University (USA),
  • Anatoli Naichuk - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Anna Maria Polak - University of Waterloo (Canada),
  • Vasily Pamyatnykh - Vasily Pamytnykh Zodci Design Group (Russia),
  • Anton Rawinski - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Siarhei Semianiuk - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Vasilii Shuts - Brest State Technical University (Belarus),
  • Stefan Szyniszewski - University of Durham (England),
  • Jovan Trajkovski - University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Dajel Tria - Ecole Militaire Polytechnique (Alger),
  • Anna Tunde Kovacs - Óbuda University (Hungary),
  • Patrick Wolert - COWI (USA),
  • Daniel Zabek - Cardiff University, Wales (United Kingdom),
  • Kazimir Yanushkevich - Center of the National Academy of Sciences (Belarus)
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